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The rector of the Central University of Venezuela pushes for starting a social renewal

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Cecilia García Arocha, rector of the Central University of Venezuela, has released an interview with Televen which says concerned about the current situation of the higher education system of the country, Arocha said that one of the biggest problems is the distrust of the students and teachers, this are increasingly the willing to emigrate because they see no alternative, also the professors have fear for their safety because more than once the government arrested academics who opposed the regime. Another serious matter regards the judgments of the Supreme Court of Justice prevail that have indefinitely suspended the election of student representatives and rectors, also the government has not communicated anything about it , as well as for local elections. In the End, according to Arocha, it must have to start a social renewal and prevent the emigration of brains, for this  the government must begin to adopt more democratic policies and,regarding the university,would be useful to raise funds, as currently the 80 % of the money is used to cover the costs of staff and it is only 20% to be allocated to other projects.


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