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Stockholm, identified the victims. Swedish media: attacker confessed, happy for what he has done.

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Four are the victims of last friday’s attack, and another 15 were injured. The killer, according to leaks from police sources, he was an asylum seeker with jihadist “sympathies”, his application was rejected and he was sought to be expelled. As it’s written in the newspaper Expressen, he is called Rakhmat Akilov and “confessed” to have been him at the wheel of the truck launched into the crowd in the city center. Furthermore, according to Expressen, the attacker said he was also “satisfied with what he managed to do: he accomplished his plan”. But the Swedish press not leaked anything about a manifest intention of the aggressor to have acted in the name of the Islamic State.


Ukraine expects to win the Naftogaz- Russia’s Gazprom dispute

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Ukraine expects that Stockholm arbitrage in the dispute between Naftogaz and Russia’s Gazprom will make a decision in favor of Kyiv in March 2017, Petro Poroshenko said. “We expect that in March, Ukraine will win the arbitral tribunal in Stockholm,” Poroshenko affirmed. According to him, Ukraine expects that it will be able to cancel the “predatory contract” with Gazprom after such a legal decision. “It has been proved that Gazprom supplied gas to us at inflated prices” the President said, asking for a price reduction.

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