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The choice of Rex Tillerson and Secretary of State doesn’t convince all the members of GOP

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Rex Tillerson is the man chosen by Donald Trump for the office of Secretary of State. This choice, however, is unconvincing all the members of the GOP, in particular, have expressed unfavorable to the Tillerson’s appointment the senators John McCain, presidential candidate in 2008, and Marco Rubio, candidate in the last GOP primary. Both have noted that the CEO of Exxon has no diplomatic experience and has unclear relationship with Russia. Tillerson’s candidacy, however, has been appreciated by Rience Priebus, Chairman of the Republican National Committee, in particular for its close ties to Vladimir Putin.

Trump may choose Exxon’s CEO Rex Tillerson as Secretary of State

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The appoint of the new Secretary of State seems to be closer. Trump met in New York Rex Tillerson, CEO of oil giant Exxon Mobil. The President-elect seems to have definitively rejected the names of Rudy Giuliani and David Petraeus, of course also the name of Tillerson doesn’t excites the leaders of the GOP, Tillerson is a great businessman, but he has no experience neither political neither diplomatic but boasts of important friendships, with Putin for example, and an enviable career that has taken him to sit face to face with some of the most powerful leaders of the world.

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