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Yemen's army continues targeting Saudi military sites, its mercenaries

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Military sites of the Saudi enemy, its gatherings and its Saudi-paid mercenaries were targeted by the army and popular forces and 3 saudi soldiers were killed when the army hit their military vehicle. Sumod rocked was launched on Saudi gatherings at Rajla military camp in Najran and the artillery pounded many other sites. Moreover two saudi soldiers were shot dead by the sniper unit of the army and popular forces in Aleb border, two others were killed in Aser and two others were shot dead at al-Dukhan site. The army and popular forces also repulsed an attempt of the Saudi-paid mercenaries to move towards Yam Mount and during this attempt many mercenaries were killed or injured. Other 5 Saudi-paid mercenaries were killed in Nehm district and when the army and popular forces targeted Mocha district in Taiz province dozens of mercenaries were killed.


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