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Wins for Yemeni government as port reclaimed, Parliament set to move to Aden

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Deputy speaker of the Yemeni Parliament, Mohammed Al-Shaddadi, said that the Yemeni Parliament will soon begin to work from Aden, as President Hadi decided, to accelerate the restoration of state institutions. The Yemeni Government will also start the reconstruction of infrastructure destroyed by Houthi rebels and Saleh militias in liberated areas. Moreover the deputy minister of transport, Nasser Sharif Al-Khamis, announced plans to secure and revive the strategic port of Al-Mokha and other ports controlled by the legitimate government. MPs, organizations and Arab and Islamic parliaments are supporting the legitimate government.





Houthis committed over 5,000 cases of rights violations.

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The annual report of the Yemeni Coalition to Monitor Human Rights Violations said that Houthi and Saleh militias committed more than 5,000 human rights offenses during 2016, 5,092 violations of which 4,882 cases of arbitrary detention, 210 cases of enforced disappearance. Security forces also committed 124 violations. The majority of detainees were subjected to brutal and inhumane treatment. The report also includes stories told by the detainees on the use of physical and psycological torture. Arbitrary arrests and abductions also involved women, with 20 cases of violations of women. Concerning children the report underlined that in 2016 115 children were subjected to arbitrary arrest. Moreover the most affected categories were politicians, activist and human rights defenders.


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