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Sergey Kislyak, Russian Envoy, Cultivated Powerful Network in U.S.

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The Russian Ambassador to the United States Sergey Kislyak has become very famous in America because of the long controversy that would have him involved in more than Trump election levels. Despite the controversy Kislyak is highly respected in the US and many foreign policy experts and analysts, both Russian and American, they do not believe that the contacts he had before with several members of the electoral staff of Trump and after with members of the administration are irregular, in fact, according to the same the charge of an Ambassador is to entertain contacts with key people in the country in which was sent and at the same time trying to promote the interests of your country. Not even the Kislyak’s contacts network is suspected because the Ambassador is in Washington since 2008 and is perfectly normal that he know many influential people in American politics, however, the problem that the American media have with Kislyak it could soon resolve because it seems that the same is intended to take the place of the deceased Vitaly Churkin as Russian Ambassador to NATO.

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