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Riyadh summits embodied keenness to achieve security, stability, says King Salman

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King Salman has thanked all authorities of member states of GCC and also Trump, for their participation to this summit, where they had the opportunity of discussing about several and noteworthy challenges in various fields. This has led to signing an important agreement between GCC countries and USA, and also the establishment of Center for countering Terrorism in Riyadh. The aim of Global Center for combating extremist Ideology is prevent families from spreading of terrorism and extremism. The ability of Saudi Kingdom of hosting this summit reflects the importance of bolstering international relations, to achieve common goals. The Cabinet has also thanked King Salman for his help, but it has also reminded the importance of eradicating terrorism and extremism in several States and interviewing in some situations such as war between Palestian and Israelian people and also interviewing in Syria. It was established by Public Investment Fund the establishment of Saudi Military Industries, which localize 50% of military expenses. The Cabinet has also thanked King Salman of supporting and giving efforts to Yemeni people, to contain disease. In conclusion, Saudi Government has signed a MoU with Japan, in compliance with Vision 2030 and others are going to be signed with Azeri and Sweden Government, to implement their economic relations.


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