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Paris, Isis: claim and reasons

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“Celebrating the deaths of innocent people, what a vile world we live in.” “Oh God, burn Paris as you burned the Muslims in Mali, Africa, Iraq, Syria, and Palestine.” “As 9/11”. It’s explicit Isis claim responsibility for Paris attacks. But, according to French and International authorities, it’s already to prove it.

In the long night of terror that shook Paris and all over Europe, to which have followed the statements of hopelessness and solidarity from majority of the world leaders, there is the downside.

The French aviation bombings to Daesh strategic locations in Syria, the actions in Mali and Central African Republic, where, however, the news of the arrival of the Pope in the coming months has caused high alert, have originated the Caliphate reaction.

Hashtag as #Parigibrucia (later removed), photomontages that exalted Paris attacks and the announcement that “the next attack will happen in London, Washington and Paris.”, has been broadcast on the web.

Indeed, terrorist actions have taken by surprise the French intelligence. But, for several months after the events of Charlie Hebdo in January 2015, many French websites have been hacked, with the recurring writing #Franceunderhacks.

Teenagers involvement in the actions of November 13 means that “foreign fighters” are still an effective weapon for propaganda Daesh. A weapon that threatens the security of all European countries.

Although multicultural since several decades, France, as well as other European partners, clash with the difficulty to reintegrate or fight that slice of society, composed by immigrants or second-generation citizens, marginalized because of two reasons: the economic crisis and the fear towards those who are not really integrated into the European social fabric.
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