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16- year-old sentenced to 13 years of prison by Israeli occupation court

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The Israeli occupation court on Wednesday has sentenced the 16-year-old prisoner, Nurhan Awwad to 13 years in prison under the pretext of a stabbing attempt. Israeli Forces shot, wounded and detained Nurhan on 23 November 2015, after having shot-dead her cousin, Hadeel Awwad, under the pretext of a settler-stabbing attempt in Jaffa street, Jerusalem. Two weeks ago, Israel sentenced the 14-year-old child Ahmad Manasra with 12 years of prison, under the pretext of a stabbing attempt as well. On 12 October 2015, Ahmad was shot and tortured on camera by an Israeli settler, while his cousin, Hassan Manasra was killed on the spot.

Lebanese authorities are building a wall to isolate the largest Palestinian refugee camp in Lebanon

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The Lebanese authorities have installed the first blocks of a wall that will isolate the largest Palestinian refugee camp in Lebanon, named Ein Al-Hilweh. The camp, which is located southeast of Sidon city, is overcrowded with 80,000 refugees. The wall sparked anger within the Palestinians and the refugee communities, calling it the “Apartheid Wall” and “the wall of shame,” saying it will turn the camp into a big prison, and compared it to Israeli apartheid wall in the occupied Palestinian territories. Authorities in Lebanon maintain of the security watchtower will enable the army to better control the camp amid claims that militants seek refugee there.

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