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Hariri from Doha: We know that our Arab brothers will contribute to the development plan to ensure our stability

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Prime Minister Saad Hariri delivered a speech at the opening of the 17th edition of the Doha Forum. “I am pleased to be here with you today on the occasion of Doha’s 17th Forum. This forum is proving its importance year after year in discussing the most urgent political, economic and social issues in the region and the world. It also allows to discuss these issues with leaders, experts, academics and businessmen from around the world to reach solutions that achieve stability for all our countries”, Hariri said. “The most important thing that our Arab region needs today is stability. No security, development or prosperity without stability. This, in my opinion, must be the primary goal that we should achieve together and as soon as possible”.


Hariri: Lebanese have decided never to return to civil war

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Prime Minister Saad Hariri said on Thursday evening, at the premiere of the play “Hona Beirut” at Al-Madina Theater in Hamra, that the decision of all Lebanese was final not to return to civil war, for any reason whatsoever. “In my opinion, nothing better expresses the will to live and the love of life than a youth initiative that gives opportunities to young people”, he said.”Today is not an ordinary day. Today is April 13, the commemoration of the outbreak of civil war 42 years ago. I said earlier that this is one of the things we must remember to forget”, Hariri said.


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