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Sergey Kislyak, Russian Envoy, Cultivated Powerful Network in U.S.

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The Russian Ambassador to the United States Sergey Kislyak has become very famous in America because of the long controversy that would have him involved in more than Trump election levels. Despite the controversy Kislyak is highly respected in the US and many foreign policy experts and analysts, both Russian and American, they do not believe that the contacts he had before with several members of the electoral staff of Trump and after with members of the administration are irregular, in fact, according to the same the charge of an Ambassador is to entertain contacts with key people in the country in which was sent and at the same time trying to promote the interests of your country. Not even the Kislyak’s contacts network is suspected because the Ambassador is in Washington since 2008 and is perfectly normal that he know many influential people in American politics, however, the problem that the American media have with Kislyak it could soon resolve because it seems that the same is intended to take the place of the deceased Vitaly Churkin as Russian Ambassador to NATO.

USA sees in the Libyan instability a possibility to drive the leading forces

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A report, published on US Foreign Affairs Website, analyses the crisis in Libya after the threat of Daesh. Indeed, Libya remains divided between the Government of National Accord (GNA) and the opposition costituted around General Jhalifa Haftar, Head of the army of the House of Representative. USA sees in this instability a possibility to drive the leading forces, and keep the leadership in Libya (in concurrence with Russia, and United Arab Emirates (UAE)).One of the most important risk of instability comes from the national concurrence. Haftar told that he will control Tripoli soon. Finally the rapport conclude that, it looks impossible to reach Libyan’s unity by force, only a political solution could. Trump administration need to push in this way, if it wants reach Lybian’s unity.

New Trump travel order expected in coming days, Pence says

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Vice President Mike Pence during an interview with the television program “This Morning” on CBS has announced that the administration has prepared a new travel order which will be signed by the President Trump in the coming days. The Associated Press, citing an anonymous source, wrote that the new executive order on immigration should be very similar to the one blocked by the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals, instead of 7 the countries involved should be 6, from the black list seems   drained out Iraq, and the measure will not affect longer the citizens with permanent residence permits.


Trump speech fails to deliver on hard policy

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President Trump has the undeniable talent of knowing how to talk to people, both during the many rallies of the long election campaign as in the first President of the tyccon was able to transmit to the public the energy and sincere desire to make that distinguish his character. Yesterday in the first speech to Congress Trump seemed another person, has lacked the communicative power that opened him the doors of the White House but especially has lacked the sincerity, in fact, Trump seemed almost uncomfortable talking about the month of the Black History and of the widespread of anti-Semitism, issues on which ,until now, has did not say a word. Perhaps Trump has really changed as a person and has understood the need to expand his political horizons and having to take on a softening of attitudes or is not changed at all, and this is a man who always need a scapegoat on which to direct his whippings.

Mexico-US fiscal battle looms.

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While the US President Trump spoke to the US Congress the Minister of Foreign Mexican Videgaray referring to the Mexican Senate the strategies that the Government intends to hold with regard to future moves, especially in economic matters, the American administration. Videgary has guaranteed that if the US should take disadvantageous tax measures for Mexico this latter would respond in a proportionate and appropriate way, the Minister did not specify what would be the government’s moves in response to the United States because it is necessary to wait until the moment that the US make the first move. Regarding the possible renegotiation of NAFTA Videgary was clear in affirming that Mexico will renegotiate the agreement if the changes proposed do not go against the interests of the country.


After 100 days of presidency for the first time, the market goes against Trump

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The Trump’s victory in the November elections has boosted the stock market in the US, especially the dollar saw a rise of its value of 6.5%, the financial operators’ enthusiasm was due to the promises made by the tycoon about a great plan to reduce taxes and the abolition of Obamacare. After 100 days of presidency for the first time, the market goes against Trump, the dollar’s value dropped approximately of 3% and the stocks no longer grow. Analysts explain this phenomenon in the light of the execution speed of administration, financial operators expected that Trump immediately put his hand on taxes and  Obamacare while in reality has not do anything except reject a proposal for adjustment of customs duties proposed by the House of Representatives but judged by the President too complicated. An important test for the credibility of the new administration on the stock and currency markets will be the speech on the State of the Union that Trump will make to Congress shortly.

Trump announced that American military expenses will grow up trought a series of cuts to federal agencies and international aids. The most affected will be the EPA

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President Trump announced that American military expenses grow up to reach an amount of $ 54 billion, the President explained that these funds will be accumulated through a series of cuts to federal agencies and international aid, no new taxes on the horizon. Trump said that the increase of funds program serves to the defense and national security, it is not very clear what agencies will suffer the budget cuts, it is almost certain that one of the most affected will be the EPA, this is the opinion of the president of the union representing workers of EPA, John O’Grady, who argues that the new agency director has been confirmed by the administration with the sole aim of endorsing from the inside the cut of budget.

White House bars major news outlets from informal briefing

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Is heavily discussed the administration’s decision that exclude some of the media from the informal meetings that the White House holds periodically with journalists, among the victims of the block there are The New York Times, the Los Angeles Times, CNN and Politico. The Associated Press has announced through its Director for Communication with Media, Lauren Easton, that will no longer participate in the meetings, although not part of the blacklist, because the Agency believes that “the public Should Have as much access to the president as possible. ” the blockade by President Trump, which is in open war with the media, has aroused also the indignation of the media that have a more conservative extraction as Fox News, its President Jeff Mason said that Fox “strongly protesting” against the measure.

Democrats will meet in Atlanta to choose their chairman that will challenge Trump in the next presidential election

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The Democratic National Committee will meet in Atlanta, Georgia, to choose the new chairman, practically the one who will be the front runner for the next presidential elections. The need to choose a new leader has emerged from the unexpected defeat in the presidential election in November and especially from the obligation to reorganize the party ahead of the 2018 midterm elections, where Democrats hope to regain a majority in Congress following five years. The candidates are many, but the most probable are former Labor Secretary Tom Perez, a favorite of former Obama administration officials, Deputy Keith Ellison of Minnesota, the first Muslim elected to the Congress, and the two leaders of the more liberal area of the party,Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont and Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren. If none of the candidates  obtain a majority of 447 votes will go to a second round in which the candidate with fewer votes will eliminate.


White House adviser asked FBI to dispute the repeated contacts between the managers of the Trump campaign and of Russian intelligence agents

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According to an anonymous source in the White House the Chief of Staff of the President Trump, Rience Priebus, would meet the Deputy Director of the FBI, Andrew McCabe, to convince him to contest the media claims about the frequent and repeated contacts between the managers of the Trump campaign and of Russian intelligence agents. The operation carried out by Priebus was strongly criticized by the Democrats, in particularly the Deputy John Conyers of Michigan, a member of the House Judiciary Committee, has declared that “the White House can not afford to put pressure to FBI to make public statements on a pending investigation that involves the President and his advisers”. The White House downplayed the incident saying that contacts between Priebus and McCabe were perfectly regular and that there was no attempt to put pressure to FBI.

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