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Saudi Foreign Minister preparing for Arab-American summit

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The Head of State, Essebsi, received Saudi Foreign Minister Adel Ben Ahmed Al-Jubeir, on  Monday, with the presence of Tunisian Foreign Minister Khemaies Jhinoui. Saudi Foreign Minister delivered an invitation to the Arab-American summit that will take place in Riyadh on March 21. The King of Saudi Arabia gave the invitation for the President Essebsi and Donald Trump will take part to the summit. Saudi Minister specified that Essebsi was first Head of State to receive the invitation. He said that this meeting has the aim to reinforce the cooperation between Arab world and United States to fight extremism and terrorism. He added that region need of tolerance to find stabilization. President of Tunisia gave his confirmation to participate to the summit, and welcomed the initiative, because cooperation between United States and Muslim world is very important. He emphasized relationship between Saudi government and Tunisian government, and thanked Saudi Arabia for the investments in the Country.


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