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Presidency Council angrily denies arms smuggling rumours

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Refutation of recent accusations in arms smuggling. The Presidency Council (PC) has angrily denied that it is in any way connected with an arms shipment intercepted by a German warship a fortnight ago. It has warned the media to be credible and professional and not to fall prey to social media rumours. The Libyan-flagged motor-vessel El Mukthar was stopped in international waters on 1 May by the German navy corvette Ludwigshafen am Rhein. When boarded and searched the Libyan vessel was found to be transporting a range of weaponry including machine guns, AK47 assault rifles, RPG launchers and grenades, mortar bombs and other ammunition. The German ship, part of EU Sofia operation. According to some social media, it was a way, for PC to arm its new Presidential Guard. However, PC told that it’s fighting against arms smuggling, and works with EU for that.


NOC : Libya loses millions per month because of Presidency Council

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The NOC (National Oil Corporation) underlined economical consequences of Libyan division on a statement on Wednesday. Libya is losing $250 million per month due to a commercial dispute between the National Oil Corporation (NOC) and one of its foreign partner. The NOC clarified that the dispute with Germany’s Wintershall was resulted by Presidency Council (PC) resolution 270, which stripped the NOC of its powers. “We would be producing almost 1 million bpd if it were not for Wintershall’s refusal to implement terms it agreed to in 2010. Resolution 270 was written to allow Wintershall to evade its obligations”. NOC Chairman Mustafa Sanallah said. The PC resolution gives the power to Tripoli in term of oil production supervision over the country, as well as purposed and develop legislations around oil production. However, in despite of this resolution, Libyan oil production reached 800,000 bpd last month, higher production since 2014.

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