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Egypt opens Rafah border crossing with Gaza for three days

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Egyptian authorities on Saturday open Rafah border with the Israel-blockaded Gaza Strip for three days to allow stranded Palestinians to return home. During three days, border will be open in one sense, from Egypt to Palestine. It will be the first opening of the border since 55 days, told an Interior minister source. This border is an important strategic point for Palestinian population, indeed, it’s the own border with the rest of the world without Israel control.

Trump on Mideast peace: 'We will get it done'

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Despite bleak prospects for success, President Donald Trump promised on Wednesday “to do whatever is necessary” to forge an Israeli-Palestinian peace deal. At a White House meeting with Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas, Trump pledged to reinvigorate the stalled Mideast peace process that has bedeviled his predecessors and said he would serve as “a mediator, an arbitrator or a facilitator” between the two sides. “We will get it done”, Trump confidently told Abbas. The source of Trump’s optimism was not immediately apparent. He offered no details about his effort or how it would be any different from attempts over the past two decades during which former Presidents Bill Clinton, George W. Bush and Barack Obama all tried and failed. Palestinian officials said after the meeting that Trump had not raised any specific proposals to restart negotiations.

Hamas rejects Abbas' call for peace

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The Hamas terrorist organization wasted little time in rejecting the peace negotiations US President Donald Trump and Palestinian Authority chairman Mahmoud Abbas spoke of restarting during their meeting at the White House Wednesday afternoon. Abbas said that he believe that we are capable, under your leadership, your courageous stewardship, and your wisdom, as well as your great negotiating ability, We can be true partners to you to bring about a historic peace treaty. Hamas spokesperson Sami Abu Zuhri said that the terrorist group which rules Gaza categorically rejects Abbas’ statement and that “all of Palestine” belongs to the Palestinian Arabs. We reject Abbas’s statement that all final status issues are solvable, because national rights belong to all Palestinians and no one person can relinquish them.

Dayan said he hopes that under Trump more realistic goals will be set for the Israel-Palestinian conflict

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“If we believe that our alliance is not only with the American government but also with the American people, then we have to forge that alliance with all the relevant parts of the American people”, he told the Post. “You cannot neglect half of the population [who didn’t vote for President Donald Trump] and expect the alliance to remain intact”. For this, the consul believes Israel needs to work with both sides of the aisle in Washington and both sides of what he calls the “virtual aisle” in American public opinion. “It has no basis” stated Dayan, who admits he didn’t expect Trump to win. “Israel’s strategy is to be as friendly as we can with any administration, as long as that administration wants to be friendly with Israel”. In the previous administration, when the first step of the president was to go to Cairo and skip Jerusalem, that hindered the sense of friendship, but fortunately with this administration it’s different,” he said.Dayan said he hopes that under Trump more realistic goals will be set for the Israel-Palestinian conflict. “I hope that the targets that the administration will set are those that are doable, because we need to advance, but with things that are realistic”, he said. “Unfortunately, when I see the declarations by the Palestinian leadership, I don’t see a serious will to reach an agreement”.

Netanyahu: If Palestinians Want Peace, ‘Prove It' By Halting Payments To Terrorists

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The Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on Friday that if the Palestinians truly desire peace with Israel, they must first “come clean” and put an end to “rewarding terrorism”. “I think the first test of peace is to say to them, ‘Hey, you want peace? Prove it. Confront terrorism, stop rewarding terrorism, stop paying it terrorists'”, Netanyahu said from his office in Jerusalem. “It could be more than a billion dollars that are given to terrorists”, Netanyahu continued. “I’m not talking about Hamas. I’m talking about the mainline Palestinian Authority headed by the president, who is going to see (US President Donald) Trump in Washington”. Netanyahu’s comments came just a day after Abbas granted an interview to the Japanese newspaper Asahi Shibun, where the Palestinian leader appeared to moderate his tone over restarting peace negotiations, saying “I am ready to meet the prime minister of Israel any time in Washington under the patronage of President Trump”. Netanyahu, however, currently has no plans to visit Washington next month.

Abbas says willing to meet Netanyahu with Trump mediation

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U.S. President Donald Trump will host Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas in Washington on May 3, the White House said on Wednesday. “They will use the visit to reaffirm the commitment of both the United States and Palestinian leadership to pursuing and ultimately concluding a conflict-ending settlement between the Palestinians and Israel”. White House spokesman Sean Spicer told reporters. In the interview, Abbas said he does not believe there is a viable alternative to the two-state solution. He said a diplomatic solution would be the result of “a painful Palestinian compromise. We have recognized Israel since 1993, but Israel has yet to recognize a Palestinian state.”Abbas reiterated his opposition to the U.S. moving its embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. “Should that happen, we have a plan, but we hope there will not be a need to implement it”. According to the report, the U.S. negotiating team headed by Trump’s senior adviser Jared Kushner and U.S. Special Representative for International Affairs Jason Greenblatt will demand the Palestinian Authority stop paying the salaries of families of Palestinian prisoners and those killed while perpetrating terrorist attacks on Israelis, and that it cease transferring funds to the Gaza Strip while it is under Hamas’ control.

Palestian terrorist killed in Binyamin region in ramming attack

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Today was killing a Palestian terrorist. A man in his 20s was killed on Thursday in a terrorist ramming attack at the entrance to the settlement of Ofra in the Binyamin region. Another young man sustained minor injuries in the attack. The terrorist, who sped up and ran over the two men at a designated hitchhiking stop, ultimately crashed into the concrete structure. He then tried to flee but was shot and wounded and subsequently apprehended by Israeli security forces. The death brings to 39 the number of Israelis killed in a wave of Palestinian street attacks, in which two American tourists also died, since October 2015.Five days ago, Israeli border police officers shot dead a Palestinian terrorist after he stabbed three Israelis in Jerusalem’s Old City.

Hamas-bound scuba equipment intercepted on Israel-Gaza border.

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A delivery of Hamas-bound scuba equipment was intercepted at the Kerem Shalom crossing in on the Israel-Gaza border on Monday. Reliable sources claim that  the diving suits were hidden in a shipment of sporting goods. The delivery had initially arrived to a Palestinian supplier in Judea and Samaria and made its way to Gaza from there.  Hamas arrested a lots of Palestinians suspected of collaborating with Israel. The raids are reportedly part of the terrorist group’s investigation into the killing of high-profile official Mazen Faqha in the Gaza Strip two weeks ago. Many were arrested for collaborating with Israel. The Salafi terrorist groups in Gaza are trying to undermine Hamas, which they argue fails to properly adhere to Islamic edicts.

UNSC won't focus on Israel and Palestinian conflict under Nikki Haley Presidency

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For the first time in years, the United Nations Security Council will not focus its monthly open Middle East debate on Israel and the Palestinians, at least under the month-long presidency of US Ambassador Nikki Haley. The president of the Security Council, said that he would like to implement measures for peacekeeping reforms and broader human rights issues, despite the opposition of some member states. She intends to have the April 20 debate revolve around such issues as Iran’s support for terrorism, the Syrian crisis, Hezbollah and Hamas among others, Haley said on Monday. So much has been put toward Israel and the Palestinian Authority and not enough has been put toward some of these other issues. That is our goal for the Middle East open debate.

Trump and Al-Sisi discussed peace summit in US this summer

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US President Donald Trump and Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi have discussed the possibility of holding an Israeli-Palestinian peace summit in the United States this summer. Indeed, Trump administration expects Egypt, Jordan and the Gulf Nation to play an active part in motivating the Palestinian side to return to the negotiating table. Al-Sisi has presented to President Trump the Arab Nation position on the conflict. Both countries have also evoked the renewal of an annual joint military training.

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