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The ONU security Council reduced the number of UN troop

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The ONU security Council reduced the number of UN troops, unanimously has been decided to keep the UN Organization Stabilization Mission (MONUSCO) until 31 March 2018 but reducing military personnel, military observer, staff officers and formed police units. The Council also decided that the strategic priorities of MONUSCO are to contribute to the protection of civilians, in that regard the Council called on the Government of the DRC to ensure a transparent and credible electoral process, in fulfilment of their responsibility to create conditions for the next elections. The Council tasked the Mission to ensure a protection of civilians under physical violence, including preventing and stopping all armed groups from inflicting violence on the populations. The Secretary-General was requested to ensure a full compliance of MONUSCO with the United Nations zero-tolerance policy on abuse and to keep the Council fully informed about the Mission progress through reports.

Niger lays in a dangerous triangle between Libya, Mali and Chad Lake, the Republic President said

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The Republic Pesident, Issoufou Mahamadou, met last Sunday representatives from the 15 Members States of ONU Security Council, to bring the focus on national security issues with specific regard to the terroristic phenomenon of Boko Haram. Mahamadou also explained that Niger lays in a dangerous triangle between Libia, Mali and Chad Lake, and this represents a permanent menace for the country. With regard to libian crysis Mahamadou underlined that he had foreseen the current destabilization of the country durign the G8 Summit held in Deauville in 2011 but he wasn’t taken in acount. In his opinon is very important to consider African Union’s proposals to get over the libian crysis. The president also underlied that Niger suffers frequent attacks along Mali’s border; a possible solution should include a cooperation with Algeria in order to realize a plan to isolate and fight terroristic groups, and the setting up of an international task force – with contingents from Mali, Niger, Burkina Faso Chad and Mauritania, as suggested by G5. Mahamadou would hope for the Security Council to  mobilize international comunity to finance the initiative.

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