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Armed forces, over 30,000 policemen secure the Pope’s visit to Egypt .

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High security for official Pope’s two-days visit to Egypt. After attacks against Coptic community in North Sinai, and especially attacks of Palm Sunday, and the application of the state of emergency Pope’s visit had been placed under high security. Egypt’s armed forces and over 30,000 policemen participate in securing Pope Francis’ visit to Egypt upon orders of President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, security sources told al-Masry al-Youm.The Interior Ministry has stationed combat teams, rapid deployment units, bomb squads and hundreds of officers and traffic personnel on the streets and squares of Cairo to secure the route of the Pope’s motorcade.


Amnesty and Human Right Watch raise alarm over Egypt 'extrajudicial killing' video

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New alarm from Human Right Watch against Egypt after videos showing Egyptian militarise killing to armed men in North Sinai Members of the Egyptian military are responsible for at least seven unlawful killings, including shooting a 17-year-old child, according to human rights campaigners. According to Amnesty International, these actions show that Egyptian army isn’t afraid by a hierarchic repression, or sentence in front of the crime, which could explain the multiplication of those cases. Moreover, “These outrageous killings confirm that Egypt’s counterterrorism campaign in the Sinai is out of control”, said Joe Stork, deputy Middle East director at Human Rights Watch. “Egypt’s allies cannot claim ignorance about these deadly abuses”. Publication of the last video was few years after James Mattis meeting with Al-Sissi, on Thursday. Amnesty International urged D.Trump, to take some measures against Egypt, to protect Human Rights in the country.


19 extremists killed, vehicles destroyed in North Sinai.

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Egyptian operations in counter-terrorism are continuing in the country, especially since the bloody Palm Sunday and the resulting proclamation of emergency state, but also after St Catherine monastery attack. The Egyptian Air Force has killed 19 extremists and destroyed four vehicles during air strikes targeting terrorist hotspots in North Sinai. The counter attack  victims included a prominent leader with Ansar Bayt al-Maqdis, also known as Sinai Province, as well as the leader of the group’s legislative committee and the official in charge of interrogations.


What next for Sinai's displaced Copts?

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After the exodus of Coptic families from North Sinai, following the numerous aggressions last weeks, the question of the relocation of Coptic family create a debate in Egypt. According to some echoes, recorded by the Journal Al-Monitor, victims disclaiming the incompetence of the government to manage the situation, their unconscious of the situation. Number of families refute to go back in al-Arisch, where a part of the city had been destructed by recent conflicts, and, moreover, it remain unsafe for Coptic families. Maher Zeki, a volunteer at the Monastery of Saint Anthony, which has welcomed 52 displaced families in Future City in the Ismailia governorate, said that he is betting on public solidarity to support the displaced. He noted that el-Arish residents do not want to return because of the death threats against them, so the only solution is for them to integrate into the areas in which they have sought shelter. The volunteers are ensuring the smooth flow of this process, he claimed.


“Sinai Province” militants’ adhoc checkpoints require revision to security measures in North Sinai

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After events of last weeks in North Sinai, the Cairo has taken measures to stabilize the region, even if, as seen last Saturday with the murder of one Egyptian by terrorists, the situation is still precarious. This doubt about the real security in North Sinai was put in question again on social media with the diffusion of   photos of militants from the IS-affiliated group of “Sinai Province”, while carrying out a checkpoint inside central Al-Arish. On photos, we can see ISIS’ militants armed of guns, inspecting civilians cars near El-Faleh Square, center of Al-Arish. On the situation of militants’ adhoc checkpoints, El Refaay clarified that the militants are hiding between civilians in Al-Arish and only appear when they are sure that police forces are far away. Thus, the situation in North Sinai, even if its officially under control of the Cairo seems to be quite difficult. Affiliated terrorist groups have infiltrated population and try to control parts of the city with some checkpoints.


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