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Gunmen attack Southern Kaduna community as El-Rufai launches operation to end violence.

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An attack has occurred in Asso community, Kaduna State. The attack on Asso is believed to be part of the larger Southern Kaduna violence between Falani herdsmen and local farming communities, which led to the death of over 200 people in the past year. Mr. El-Rufai (the Kaduna state governor) condoled with “the victims and their families, while affirming that security operations are being ramped to rid the forest areas of the bandits.”The governor also launched ‘Operation Harbin Kunama II’ that would help the Army deal with the armed persons responsible for the attacks in Southern Kaduna. El-Rufai said that the forthcoming Operation Harbin Kunama II is a necessary step towards ending the violence in parts of southern Kaduna. The governor requested support from communities to the security agencies as the Nigerian Army gets set to commence the major operation.

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