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Eight soldiers killed in ambush by jihadists in central Iraq.

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In the region of Segou, eight malian soldiers died and four others were injuried, according to corresponding sources This attack happened a few days  after the continuation of the state of emergency for a duration of six months by the National Assembly. The attack was led by terrorists in the center of Mali, between Nampala and Diabali. A vehicle of the army was destroyed and an other one taken by the aggressors. Nampala, close to the Mauritanian border, is a city which was aimed by several murderous Jihadist attacks. Certain assaults were claimed by Al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb ( Aqmi), as in January, 2015, when more than ten soldiers died under the fire of the Jihadist fighters. There are often fights between Jihadists,  malian and military soldiers: five malian soldiers were killed to Gourma Rharous, in the region of Timbuktoo, at the end of the month and the military force Barkhane killed  twenty Jihadists in the southwest of Gao, that’s why the National Assembly decided to extend the state of emergency of six months.

Huge protest at National Assembly over Ndume’s suspension by Senate.

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Thousands of protesters in Abuja blocked the entrance to the National Assembly, asking for the immediate reinstatement of senator Ali Ndume, the rapresentant of Borno south. Mr. Ndume was suspended last week by the Senate for investigations against the senate president, Bukola Saraki, and Kogi senator, Dino Melaye. Mr. Saraki is allegedly accused of importing a Range Rover SUV without paying appropriate import duty, and attempting to clear the vehicle with falsified papers. Mr. Melaye was accused of falsely claiming to have graduated from Ahmadu Bello University. The Senate dismissed both allegations, and sanctioned Mr. Ndume by suspending him for six months. Borno politicians did try to get Mr Ndume reinstated, protesters arrived the National Assembly gate with placards blaming Mr. Saraki and the Senate. “Saraki is a curse”, one placard read.Many of the protesters said they were natives of southern Borno, Mr. Ndume’s district, but mostly live in Mararaba and Masaka areas of Abuja.

Mali has since 2015 a law to promote gender within political

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Mali has since 2015 a law to promote gender within political offices. The adoption of this new measure is hostoric, infact in 2006 the National Assembly has rejected a similar bill. This new law (a victory to all Malian Wemen) cames to solve the problem of the sub- representation of the women in the public and politican life. The law, which contains 4 articles, grant from now on 30% of the public and elected offices to women. Mrs Sangaré Oumou Ba, the Seecretary of the Promotion of the Woman, child and Family, congratulated herself on the adoption and promulgation by the President of the law N052 December 18th, 2015, establishing measures to promote the access of the women in electiv e offices. President of the Republic Ibrahim Boubacar Keita also agreed to give an help to the candidate women in the municipal elections, raising a fund of 300 millions. The vote of the law and the advances taken by the women on the front of municipal elections can be seen as a triumph of the Promotion of the Women Secretary.


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