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Nigeria: An ethnic clash in Osun State lasted two days has caused at least 5 deads

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An ethnic clash in Osun State between Yorubas and Hausas has caused at least 5 deads and many injuried. The crisis started in the ancient area of Sabo (mainly occupied by Hausas) and it lasted two days, destroying properties and shops. Still on wednesday Ife indigenes were seen going around Sabo with machetes, knives and other dangerous equipment. Residents reported that the conflict had begun when a vehicle driven by a Yoruba man hit the wife of a Hausa trader, which led some youth to attack the vehicle with machetes. Right when the situation seemed to be rebrought under control, members of the National Union of Road Transport Workers, NURTW, went for a reprisal attack causing an escalation of violence. The angry mob then tried to force the entrance of Sabo and attacked some Hausa traders. Due to the continued breach of the peace in the area, The Osun State government declared a curfew (from 6 pm to 7 am) in the ancient area of Sabo, taking effects from wednesday to friday. The Government also wars those who are involved in these acts, to end them immediately.

UGTT is willing to return to the table of dialogue

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Tunisian General Labour Union (UGTT) Secretary-general Hassine Abassi said, on Friday, that the difference between UGTT and the current government that wants to postpone the payment of wage increases, can only be settled through bringing justice to the rights holders, affirming that it is inconceivable to trample on this right. In a statement to the media at the end of a meeting with House of People’s Representatives Speaker Mohamed Naceur, Abassi added that UGTT is willing to return to the table of dialogue and accept possible options provided that this right is not violated. He pointed out that this consultation meeting, which was held at the initiative of Ennaceur whom he described as “a man of dialogue,” had turned on the difference between UGTT and the government. UGTT, he specified, still considers this government as the result of a large consultation between political parties and UGTT, which is still attached to the Carthage Document. For his part, Ennaceur underlined that dialogue will continue and that there is a real will and commitment on the part of the country’s senior officials to preserve the national union, overcome current difficulties and reinforce the citizen’s confidence in his country. There are proposals that will be looked at to reach a solution and iron out difficulties, he said.

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