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Pakistan temporarily will reopen its borders with Afghanistan

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Pakistan will reopen its borders with Afghanistan, said a government spokesperson on Monday, days after Islamabad closed the Torkham and Chaman borders after a recent surge in terrorist attacks. “The borders at Chaman and Torkham will be reopened on March 7-8”, Foreign Office spokesperson NafeesZakaria said in a statement. “Pakistani and Afghan citizens will be allowed to travel on legal travel documents”. In the wake of bloody suicide bombings last month, Pakistan shut down border crossings – halting trade supplies to the neighbouring landlocked country and stopping movement of the people across the border – increasing tensions between the two nations.

According to Pakistan, India deployed one million troops in Jammu and Kashmir

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Pakistan said on Wednesday that India has deployed one million troops in Jammu and Kashmir, which is the highest concentration of soldiers in the world at one place. Foreign Office spokesperson Nafees Zakaria said the presence of Indian troops in such a “large scale was a hurdle in implementing the UN resolution” on Kashmir. The spokesman alleged that since the last four months, Indian troops have “killed innocent Kashmiris and violated basic human rights”.

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