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Kurdistan Region human rights group records 16 murders in April.

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The Independent Commission for Human Rights in the Kurdistan Region said there were 16 recorded murders in the region during April. The commission released statistics on violations, murder and suicide in the Kurdistan Region. There were a total of ten cases of burning and self-immolation during the month of April, the organization’s statistics also revealed. Along with the 16 murders, there were another 15 attempts to murder and seriously injure individuals, as well as eight recorded cases of crimes and violations against human rights. The Independent Commission for Human Rights added that said some of the committed crimes were related to a lack of specific laws to deal with the incidents, laws that should have been adopted in the Kurdistan Parliament had the institution not been in recess since October 2015. “Such as laws around protecting child rights, confronting human trafficking”, the commission said. “Another part is related to the amendment [of laws] to suit recent circumstances in the Kurdistan Region”. The commission also noted that some laws had expired, stressing that new laws should be adopted. The statistics for April show that murder cases have decreased in comparison to the previous month. Statistics released by the Independent Commission for Human Rights showed a total number of 25 recorded murders and seven known cases of suicide in March.

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