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Nigeria-Libya: one-way trip

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The Multi National Joint Task Force announced deployment of nearly 9000 units against Boko Haram, after 200 victims in the last two weeks. The same Boko is ready to support Daesh in Sirte.

8700 soldiers deployed against Boko Haram. It is what was announced on 26 August by coalition Multi National Joint Task Force, composed of Nigeria, Cameroon, Chad, Niger and Benin. Especially the first three countries, are increasingly involved in fights with Islamist organization affiliated ISIS.

A measure that could be late. Borno State is epicenter of clashes between Islamist troops and army, which caused at least 200 civilian casualties in the last two weeks. An answer to many people freed by Nigerian army in the same time.

But there is another feature. In addition to refugees on the run from these continuous massacres and headed for Libya, there is another route towards Sirte. As reported by many international media, the Libyan sources have estimated that “200 Boko Haram militants would be ready to join the ranks of the Isis.”

State of Borno, Lake Chad, Cameroon and now Sirte. The Caliphate network is enlarging. And the methods of terror, already witnessed in the villages Nigerians, Chadians and Cameroonians, is the same in Sirte. Just a few days ago, spiritual leader of Islamic State Hassan Karami announced in the mosque in Rabat: “We’ll behead rebels of the opposition after the Friday prayers, people of Sirte deliver their daughters fighters that get married. ”

Harsh words which show how Islamic State has taken root in Sirte from June to today. Mosques, institutions and media are in their hands. And victims, deriving from Libya Fajr, Brigades of Misrata and other Libyan groups, is the evidence that the lack of national unity is a Daesh advantage.
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