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US Col. John Dorrian told: Daesh is going to be crushed in west Mosul, it is going to be finished

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“The city is completely surrounded,” US Col. John Dorrian told Rudaw TV on Thursday. “Daesh has no ability to bring in more fighters to support their operations, and they are awaiting their fate. But in the meantime, they are posing dangers to the people that are around them and this something that will end in the coming weeks”. It is estimated that west Mosul has 750,000 residents; additionally, military experts have said the right bank will have to be cleared building by building and street by street. “What we expect is this is going to be a very, very difficult fight and very dangerous. What we’ve seen from the enemy is they don’t have any problem harming civilians … in many cases they’ve purposefully targeted civilians — that’s happening right now”, Dorrian said. “To counter, we are targeting their leaders, their fighters, and their mortars and artillery pieces. We are destroying a lot of these, but it’s still a very dangerous situation”. Coalition airstrikes destroyed an ISIS headquarters in western Mosul, “The Iraqi security forces are going to be able to liberate the city. “Daesh is going to be crushed in west Mosul. It is going to be finished. Then the Iraqi security forces will liberate the other areas of Iraq

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