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U.S. general: Coalition takes Iraq civilian deaths allegations seriously .

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U.S. Brigadier General Matthew Isler, Deputy Commanding General Operation Inherent Resolve, said he could not provide details of the military investigation into civilian deaths in western Mosul on March 17. The U.S. military said on Saturday a U.S.-led coalition strike had hit an area where residents and officials say as many as 200 civilians may have been killed as result of an air raid. The Iraqi military denied on Saturday reports that a U.S.-led coalition air strike resulted in mass civilian casualties in an area of ISIS-held Mosul, instead accusing the militant group of responsibility. Iraq’s military said on Sunday that 61 bodies were recovered from a collapsed building that ISIS had booby-trapped. An Iraqi military statement said investigations launched by an expert team found no sign showing the site of the collapse was subjected to an air strike.

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