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Iraqi forces and allied militias killed 15 Islamic State militants, campaign grinds on to recapture the city

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Iraqi government forces and allied militias recaptured on Monday a village in northwestern Mosul and killed 15 Islamic State militants as the security campaign grinds on to recapture the city. The Joint Operations Command said in a statement the forces recaptured the village of KherbatAtshana, close to a mountainous area recaptured a few days ago. Earlier on Monday, Iraqi troops recaptured the Josaq and Tayaran districts, and took over a bridge connecting western and eastern Mosul.

Iraqi forces seized a Mosul bridge which could link up their units on either side of the Tigris

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Iraqi forces seized a damaged Mosul bridge on Monday which could link up their units on either side of the Tigris river, as thousands of civilians fled the fighting for Islamic State’s remaining stronghold in the west of the city. U.S.-backed army and police units advanced through populated western districts, fighting tough street battles, and announced they had captured Mosul’s southernmost bridge. Once repaired, the bridge could help bring reinforcements and supplies from the eastern side, Major Ali Mohammed, Commander of First Regiment of Rapid Response Units, described the operation in al-Josaq: “We cleared al-Josaq district and we are close to the fourth bridge. The advance is ongoing, God willing. We killed snipers and you can see their bodies, this is the body of one of them”.

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