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Min of Religious Affairs: no prayer of the "Tahajjud" in the mosques without authorization

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Minister of religious affairs, said that “Tahajjud”, the Night Prier, won’t be allowed in the mosques during Ramadan without a specific authorization from the Minister. The aim of this measure is to guarantee the security of faithful and of the places of worship, said the Minister, adding that the authorization will allow Ministry to made the right measures to guarantee the fluxes of faithful. Another objective is to fight against irregulars mosques, today there are 62 mosques that risk to be closed. The Minister’s spokesman said that Minister will improve the fight against terrorism, in particularly in the south of the Country and he added that Minister organized 113 events during Ramadan.

The bill to limit the volume of call to prayers at mosques is “unacceptable” for Turkey

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On Monday, Turkey denounced as “unacceptable” and an “insult” a bill being discussed in the Knesset to limit the volume of calls to prayer at mosques. Israel and Turkey had earlier this year finally mended a years-long crisis in relations with the naming of ambassadors, but a considerable potential for tension remains. Turkish Deputy Prime Minister Numan Kurtulmus said that for centuries the Islamic call to prayer, church bells and Jewish prayers had mixed together in multi-faith Jerusalem.

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