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Two killed as female suicide bombers attack Maiduguri mosque.

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After an attack carried on by two female suicide bombers, at least two bodies were found outside a Mosque in Borno State. The two attackers could’t gain much access into the targed mosque, the detonated the explosive in an area called “Jiddari Polo”, and after the first explosion died both the attackers. The injuried were five, a similar attack in the same location was carried out two years ago, that time 18 worshippers were killed.  They were intercepted and prevented by the Muslim worshippers. The injured were rushed to specialist hospital, while the remains of the suicide bombers were equally evacuated by state emergency management agency (SEMA). A second blast was heard from the same location some hours after, but the police spokesman said the sound occurred as ordnance operatives defused the bomb held by the second suicide bomber.


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