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Moncef Sallemi

Nidaa Tounes Movement appointed Moncef Sallemi as general coordinator of the party’s reform

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The national rescue body of the Nidaa Tounes Movement announced on Sunday the appointment of political bureau member Moncef Sallemi as general coordinator of the party’s reform and rescue process. Khemaïes K’sila, member of the political bureau of Nidaa Tounes said Moncef Sallemi will carry out negotiations and the process of unification of the party and lead to developing a final road map to allow the organisation of the first elective congress of the Movement. The national rescue institution of the Movement will organise a press conference on December 10 to announce the results of the consultations and the decisions of the body, he said at a national conference held in Tunis with the national and regional cadres of the party. Leader of the Movement, Khaled Chouket said the conference aims to arrive at a roadmap for the preparation of an elective democratic congress of the party and lead to the formation of a true leadership equal to the political weight of the movement and able to preserve the balance of the political landscape.

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