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UNESCO forum in Riyadh focuses on youth participation.

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UNESCO forum for NGOs (2017) is held in Riyadh and for the first time in Saudi Arabia, stressing the importance of major and deepest involvement of youth, which could affect positively not only under economic side, but also social one worldwide. The Event was in partnership with Misk Foundation. The two days conference was about developing new innovative and technological ideas, which allow youth participation. It is really important creating new channels, through which it could be possible to civil society and NGOs expressing what they think and promote and especially develop a new dialogue among youth. Al-Ghafis, Labor saudi Minister, has declared to assure this partnership in all matters useful to building community. In addition to this, most of new opportunities are developed by the involvement of MiSK Foundation. This project is in compliance with Vision 2030, but also with National Transition’s Program 2020. One of the most importante challenges is involving young people in working fields, giving them the possibility of participating to decision-making process.

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