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Child marriage soars in Yemen as famine looms.

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To mark the second anniversary of the war UNICEF published a report about child marriages, saying that more than two thirds of girls under 18 are married in Yemen, as there is no minimum age of marriage in the country. The main reason is the escalation of the war, which brought parents to marry off their daughters to reduce costs and the number of people to feed in the family. Moreover dowry payments, which are paid by the husband’s family, are an incentive for poor parents to marry off daughters early. Early marriages are especially common in Al-Hudaydah, Hajah and Ibb governorates. A new UNICEF study also found that around 44% of girls and women are married under the age of 15 in some parts of Yemen. In fine child marriage deprives girls of education and opportunities and increases the risk of domestic and sexual violence.


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