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Mevlut Cavusoglu

Ankara supposed to readmit all irregular asylum from Turkey.

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Foreign Minister Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu said on March 17 the government is “experiencing a problematic process”, and an uncomfortable environment trying to fulfill a visa deal with the EU. “If the EU does not implement visa liberalization, we have three interconnected agreements. The re-admission and immigration agreement. At that time, the other two agreements are, of course, not applied naturally”,Cavuşoglu said at a meeting of business leaders in Anlaya district. Ankara is supposed to readmit all irregular asylum seekers who reach Greek islands from Turkey, according to the read mission agreement signed last March with the EU.

The Turkish threat to Syrian Kurdish forces in Manbij

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Turkish Foreign Minister M. Cavusoglu said that would strike against U.S.-backed Kurdish YPG militia in the Syrian town of Manbij if they didn’t leave. Cavusoglu doesn’t see any different solution, cause the Syrian presence represents an hindrance to its efforts to create a “safe zone” on Turkish borders. Russia’s possible support for Syrian Kurds may be a positive turning point.

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