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Gambia, Alhagie Mbye: The New Government Must Protect the Freedom of the Press

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The Point’s Europe correspondent Alhagie Mbye has pointed out the need for the new government to protect the right of freedom press. Mbye during his carrear had suffered personal attack such as arrests, detentions, torturations both in Gambia and Uk by NIA (National Intelligence Agency). Mbye revealed to International press and the world how he was imprisoned and tortured. He disclosed the names of all agents and officials involved such as Demba Ceesay, Wassa Gassama and Babou Njie. Mbye said that Gambia Press Union(GPU) should support and protect those  journalists who suffer injustices and are forced to flee their homeland. About President Barrow and the coalition members Mbye is optimistic. He has high regards toward them: they suffered untold suffering as opposition politicians in a very hostile environment. After finishing his studies in journalism Mbye became a recognised member of the National Union of Journalists (NUJ) and had attended meetings and courses in London, Birmingham and Manchester.

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