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Manchester 22 dead at the concert, is terrorism

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The death toll report of Manchester has risen to 22, among which many children, more than 59 injured hospitalized in nearby hospitals.

The explosion took place at 22:35 at the end of the Ariana Grande concert, a popular American pop star loved by teenagers crowding the concert, out of the gates as their parents waited for them to bring them home.

Investigators have found that the explosion involved the attacker who exploded shortly after the singer had finished the concert, a boom and then the screams of the wounded, the panic triggered an escape to the outside by involving And trampling down the bad guys who could not stand. Outside, parents tried to get in to reach their children by feeding chaos.
Manchester Mayor Ian Hopkins said it was “the most horrible incident” the city had ever faced.

Immediately go to investigations to capture possible accomplices and to figure out whether it is a “lone Wolf” or a terrorist cell.

The explosion took place shortly after Ariana Grande left the scene at the arena – the largest indoor venue in the city with a concert capacity of around 21,000.

The police chief said that at this first stage of the investigation, one man is thought to be one but investigates at 360 degrees.

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