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Migration and asylum: very soon a summit in Malta

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By now, of course, Europe actually has taken  aware of the problem of migration. This is from a political and strategic point of view, and from a humanitarian point of view.



The reflections that are produced by this phenomenon, however, has written an unimaginable amount of texts and articles and even more will be written.

What is surprising is finally just a widespread and concrete interest  by all European institutions, which eventually rely more action than in words and that, with different methods, are continually facing the problem. One of the European institutions that deals with asylum and immigration is the EASO, the European Asylum Support Office, whose motto is, precisely, “Support is our mission.” This European Agency, which operates in the Justice and Home Affairs branch has been already mentioned, here on European Affairs.

The role of the Agency, and the critical and constructive approach to the problems facing the Mediterranean and the Old Continent these days, will be subject to an official conference, to be held in Valletta, on 23 September. The event will be attended, of course, by politicians and technicians, as well as the Key Leaders of the migration system. Probably bMattias Reute, head of the General Directorate “Migration & Home Affairs” of the European Commission, and, very probably some qualified representative of ‘ UNHCR will participate.

Some authoritative representatives of several different national institutions of the Member States who deal with asylum, migration and refugees as well as the European Agencies dealing with immigration or continuous materials, such as FRONTEX, will attend.

In addition to analyzing the current situation and the proposed study of new European strategies shared, delegates will try to identify practical ways to encourage and increase cooperation and mutual aid and technical support between the Member States in the delicate area of ‘asylum and to reflect on possible synergies to be established with institutions from third countries, outside the EU, where the migration often take off. Not least, it will be studied what could be the future of the Agency, as the same may widen its expertise and its prerogatives and what could be the upcoming prospects and opportunities.

European Affairs will follow the work of this summit,that is important at this time, in the hope that the “support” provided by the EASO and Europe, should also become a means of resolving problems and, above all, providing solidarity.


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