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The Opposition leader Ciasé and Mali President Kéita discuss the strike of the doctors and the general work stoppage in hospital centres

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The Opposition leader Soumaïla Ciasé had a meeting with Mali President Ibahim Boubacar Kéita in order to discuss the strike of the doctors and the general work stoppage in hospital centres, situation becoming more and more unbereable for patients and their families. The opposition leader came to ask to the President a quick solution in this national problem. The situation is critical about doctors “I came here to see how can we manage (in collaboration with the government) to find a solutions. Malin suffer for this strike, it’s duty of the opposition to stop this situation. I talked to the President and I think he is sentitive to this critical situation”. Soumaïla Cissé said that “Is necessary to resumed work in hospitals, reforms as well as long lasting solutions are necessary. We had the opportunity to vist hospitals, we exchanged with syndacates: those who saw the sick in the hospitals are extremely worried, it was our duty to speak up for it to the Head of the State”.

Mali: draft revision of the constitution examined by deputees

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Malin Deputees are going to deal with the examination of the Bill  concerning the revision of the constitution of February 1992 , durign an extraordinary session if National Assembly. The Government justifie its will to revise the constitution by the urgency to correct “gaps and inadeguacies” of the 1992 Constitution. The other reason called by the Government is connected with the crisis in which live the country :” the security and institutional crisis revealed the feagilities of the institutions”. If the Bill is adopted Mali will pass to a bicameral parliament, Senate will be establish as “Upper house of the Parliament” beside National Assembly. With this revision, Mali will have eight institutions: the high court of justice will not be consider part of the institutions anymore, as well as the High council of Regions will be delated. On the other hand, will be established the Counts Court.

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