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About the Friday protest in Tripoli: the MPB had asked PC to apologize to Libyan people

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Misrata Political Bloc (MPB) has strongly deplored the statement of UN-installed Presidency Council (PC) about the Friday protest in Tripoli and demanded it to retract it. In a statement, published Saturday morning, the MPB had asked to PC to apologize to Libyan people and Misrata locals, following the racist and hate speeches heard during the manifestaiton of Friday night, which had been dispersed by gunfire, from an unknown group.

The PC and GNA have denounced the violences on Tripoli Martyr Square

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The Presidential Council (PC) and the Government of National Accord (GNA) have denounced the violences which took place on Tripoli Martyr Square this Friday. The manifestation had been organized to call General Haftar to bring his Army inside Tripoli to stabilize the country. But during the protest someone has opened the fire on the crowd. At this time (18/03) we still haven’t got any precisions on the number of injured or killed.

Sameh Shoukry: Egypt’s support for Libya continues

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Egyptian Minister of Foreign Affairs Sameh Shoukry made a phone call to the president of the Libyan presidential council, Fayez Al-Sarraj, in which their discussions mainly focused on the updates of the situation in Libya. Shoukry has confirmed his sustain to Libyan unification, and to the government of Tripoli, leaded by Al-Sarraj.  Al-Ahram Center for Political and Strategic Studies has confirmed the effectiveness role of Egypt in the resolution of the Libyan’s crisis. Egypt, as leading power in the Middle-East, is confirming its capacity to manage regional conflicts, even if the Libyan situation still oscillates between anarchy and stability.

Al-Sweihli arrives in Qatar for more support to GNA

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The Head of the High Council of State (HCS) Abdelrahamn Al-Sweihli, has arrived in Qatar today on a formal visit aiming at receiving more support for the UN-brokered Government of National Accord (GNA). This diplomatic operation is looking to create international sustains to the GNA after recent troubles due to Oil crescent crisis, and the “crisis” inside Libya. Indeed, after his sustain for BDB (BengazhiDefence Brigade), GNA has lost the the faith from large part of East Libya’s population, which has reached LNA (Libyan National Army) supports and the HoR (House of Representatives). So by this way, GNA is trying to recuperate an international support to maintain his partial power on the country.

UK-funded camps in Libya 'indefinitely for detaining asylum seekers

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The United-Kingdom is in front of controverts since a report published on Friday, the UK’s Independent Commission for Aid Impact has criticized the application of the ₤10m delivered to Libya to manage migrants. The Commission, mentioned before, accused the government to have given the money without thinking to Human Rights. The report is also questioning about the philosophy of this policy. Indeed, in one hand, with this program, the UK avoid the deaths of number libyans, but in an other hand, the report ask if its not a deny of asylum right. Furthermore, this create the risk to harm refugees, forcing them to go in refugees’ camps, where as seen in a lot of report, exist daily violences.

Al-Obeid accuses Khalifa Haftar of recruiting mercenaries to fight alongside his self-styled army

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Major General Suleiman Mahmoud, the former National Transitional Council military chief, has accused renegade General KhalifaHaftar of forming an army of militias and hiring mercenaries. Speaking to BBC Arabic, Al-Obeidi said Haftar has also recruited about 500 fighters from his Al-Furjan tribe. “When Haftar was promoted to Marshal, about 7000 mercenaries from the Sudanese Justice and Equality Movement were fighting with him”, he said. Reacting to the Return to Benghazi Military Operation launched by Benghazi Defense Brigades, Al-Obeidi identified members of BDB as Benghazi’s revolutionary fighters who were forcibly driven out of the city. “I am leftist, I can’t accuse them of Islamic extremism andHaftar can’t defeat them alone”, he remarked, referring to last year intervention of two Arab countries “Egypt and UAE” to help Dignity Operation repel the advance of BDB forces. This time, Al-Obeidi called the UN to impose a no-fly zone to facilitate the march of Benghazi Defense Brigades eastward. “We are still under the 7th Chapter, those fighters are under the Government of National Accord”, he noted.

Ahmed Al-Mismari: “We defeated those terrorists several times and we are ready to defeat them again”

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Spokesperson of Dignity Operation Ahmed Al-Mismari threatened on Monday to sweep away Libya’s oil crescent region after failing to repel the advance of Benghazi Defense Al-Mismari had confirmed his willingness to eradicate the opposition from this part of Libya, especially due to its economic importance. Furthermore, he has also threaten Tripoli. He concludes his brief speech telling that : “We defeated those terrorists several times and we are ready to defeat them again”.The conflict around the oil crescent seems to be at the beginning of a long process of tensions between both until an agreement or the full destruction of one or the other force in presence.

Muslim-Ban: new the US refugee program, has provoked new protestations against Trump administration

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After his rely controversial “Muslim-Ban” published on 27th January, US’ President Trump, had cancelled the former to replace it by a new one. This new “Muslim-Ban” the US refugee program and ban during at least 90 days, citizens from:  Iran, Somalia, Sudan, Yemen, Syria and Libya. This travel ban was signed out of presence of cameras, respect to the first one. Iraq was removed from the list after criticism that the original order overlooked the country’s role in fighting terrorism and barred entry even to the Iraqi interpreters who had been embedded with US forces in the region. This new “Muslim-Ban” has provoked new protestations against Trump administration. This new tensions will not manage in a good way Amercian relations with Muslim.

Al-Sharkasy: Our forces are heading to Benghazi

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Battles around Ras-Lanuf, one of the major Libyan oil terminal purshues. The commander of BDB, Mustafa Al-Sharkasy, had published a press release where he explains that he control the area between Ben Jawad and Ras-Lanuf, which had fallen under opposite forces yesterday. He told that this occupation will not be permanent, he will give back the territory to Libyan population, and must be given to the National Oil Corporation (NOC). He also said, that he’s ready to continue the battle until he doesn’t control the Oil Crescent Region. He also argued thazt a lot of army officers had defected Haftar’s army. The battle to control Libyan oil continue.


City of Ajdabiya starts arming civilian residents, Defend Benghazi Brigades (DBB) launched a military operation

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The municipality of the eastern city of Ajdabiya called for arming the civilian residents from those who are capable of carrying weapons as the forces of Defend Benghazi Brigades had advanced deeper eastward. The mayor of the Ajdabiya municipality, Embarek Al-Minfi, is a pro-Haftar person. He was appointed by the military governor of the eastern region, Abdelraziq Al-Nathori, who sacked the elected mayor, Salem Jodran, as part of the militarization of eastern municipal councils that is adopted by the eastern officials under the rule of KhalifaHaftar’s Dignity Operation. Defend Benghazi Brigades (DBB) launched early on Friday a fresh military operation to facilitate the return of Benghazi IDPs to their city, according to Boshra News Agency, the news outlet of Benghazi Shura Council. The DBB forces took control of RasLanuf oil terminal and airport as well as Essidra oil terminal in central Libya, in addition to Ben Jawad and Nofaliya towns, in a surprise attack on Dignity Operation forces there.

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