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Human Rights Solidarity blames Libyan authorities for prison abuse against women

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Human Rights Solidarity (HRS) has urged for ending the ongoing violations and abuse against women and for the immediate release of hundreds of women, whom it said are being tortured under arbitrary imprisonment in several Libyan prisons. In a statement celebrating the International Women’s Day, the HRS confirmed Wednesday that the report of the UN Human Rights Organization said there are women locked in Mitiga in Tripoli, Garnada in eastern Al-Bayda, Al-Kuwaifiya in Benghazi, and Al-Jawiya and Tamina in Misrata. “200 women and 100 children are locked up in Mitiga prison in Tripoli in dire conditions with male jail guards.” HRS cited the UN report. The HRS organization urged the Presidential Council to transfer the women prisoner’s to jails that are actually under the authority of justice ministry and judicial police, passing it to send their files to the Public Prosecutor or set them free unconditionally, especially that the Special Deterrent Force was confirmed to have links to the PC. “Sexual abuse and other physical and verbal abuses were included in the UN report about women prisoners in Libya as well as female immigrants at the shelter centers that are run by militias in the name of the Libyan government”, HRS added.

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