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Third Force retakes Brak Airbase in southern Libya

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New acts of violences between the rebel of Third force, and General Haftar forces, Dignity Operation. The Third Force of the Libyan Army took control on Thursday of Brak Al-Shati Airbase, south Libya, hours after a massive offensive on forces of Dignity Operation inside the airbase. Conflict took place 60km at the North of Sabbha. Members of Dignity Operation was constrained to flee in the desert around the city, others have been arrested by Third Force group. Reports said there were more than 60 deaths among Dignity Operation forces including Mohammed Ben-Nayal’s senior aide Ahmed Ben-Nayal. Dignity Operation weapons and military vehicles were also seized in the attack.



Egypt supports Libyan unity, territorial integrity: Army's Chief of Staff tells Haftar during Benghazi visit

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Egypt supports ongoing efforts to preserve the unity of Libya and its territorial integrity, the Egyptian army’s Chief of Staff Mahmoud Hegazi told Libyan military commander Khalifa Haftar during a Wednesday visit to Benghazi. In an official statement by the Egyptian armed forces, spokesman Tamer El-Refai said Hegazi, told that main topic was domestic policies and international developments. Egypt envoy also congratulates Haftar the third anniversary of Dignity Operation. Haftar said he valued Cairo’s support for the Libyan National Army, referring to the exchange of experience and training with their Egyptian counterparts in various fields. He also praised Cairo’s ongoing support for solving the Libyan crisis and ending terrorism in the country.Hegazi’s visit comes only a few days after Haftar visited Cairo to meet with Egypt’s President Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi.

Misratan MPs slam Siala’s Hafter remark

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Government of National Accord (GNA) foreign minister Mohamed Siala’s reference to Khalifa Hafter as commander of the Libyan army continues to draw flack from the general’s opponents. Misratan members of the HoR (House of Representatives) told that Siala’s behaviour could pave the way to a new civil war and impeach LPA (Libyan Political Agreement) to be implemented. They also recalled that general Haftar doesn’t still recognize officially LPA. Though UNSMIL chief Martin Kobler has been saying that Hafter has an important role to play in a future unified armed forces, many Misratans object to Hafter because of his past as a Qaddafi general

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