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LNA airforce hits Third Force positions outside Sebha

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Last Friday, LNA (Libyan National Army) has launched an attack against Misrata’s Third Force, near Sebha airport. This attack followed an other 3 kilometres more at the north, which has targeted a Turkish company accused to help Third Force forces, according to LNA. Sebha municipality, in an official statement from Tuesday (publish only on Friday) urged both forces to stop fighting to preserve civil lives. They also hope to reopen Tamenhint airbase, closed in mid-January. Municipality also calls Tripoli government to increase the protection of South borders of the country from drug and terrorism especially.

Haftar's fighter aircraft attack opponents positions in Benghazi

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New wave of violences in the conflict between Benghazi and the LNA (Libyan National Army). The warplanes of Dignity Operation, led by Khalifa Haftar, have carried out over five airstrikes on Benghazi Shura Council in the neighborhoods of Al-Sabri, Sooq Al-Hoot, and Ekhraibish, sources from the media said on Monday. Since two weeks, Dignity Operation has started warplanes attacks.

House of Representatives sets conditions for dialogue on Libyan Political Agreement

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HoR (House of Representatives) did a pass toward reconciliation with the State Council, deciding to apply the LPA (Libyan Political Agreement) signed 16 month ago at Skhirat (Morocco). However, to implement it, HoR has imposed 6 points: 1. No foreign bodies (such as UNSMIL) to have any say on who takes part in discussions between the HoR and the State Council to amend the LPA, and the discussions must take place on Libyan soil; 2. The Presidency Council to consist of three people – a head and two deputies which will appoint a separate prime minister; 3. The prime minister to from a government to be submitted to the HoR for approval; 4. The State Council to consist of those elected to the General National Congress (GNC) on 7 July 2012; 5. Additional Article 8 (which calls for all powers of senior civil and military posts to be transferred to the Presidency Council) to be removed from LPA; 6. The Libyan National Army under the command of Field Marshal Khlifa Hafter and instituted by the HoR to be recognised as the sole legitimate armed force. If these conditions are respected, HoR declared the possibility to renew the dialogue between Libyan forces.

Siala in first Libyan official visit to Poland since revolution

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The situation in Libyan together with the potential return of the Polish embassy and of Polish oil, construction and other companies were among the main subjects of discussion in talks in Warsaw on Thusday and Friday between the Presidency Council’s foreign affairs minister and the Polish government. It was the first time since the revolution in 2011 that a Libyan official went in Poland. Warsaw has recalled its willingness to see the Libyan stability soon, for the Libyan people but also to increase their bilateral relation.

Egypt's Chief of staff says his country persuaded Haftar to repudiate grave-digging crimes.

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The Egyptian Chief of Staff, Mahmoud Hijazi, said Tuesday that he and Khalifa Haftar had prolonged discussions over a couple of days aiming at convincing the latter to disavow and apologize for the crimes of exhuming the bodies from Ganfouda graves, and killing and torturing civilians and women by his militias in Benghazi. Hijazi told Haftar, that in case of no-disavowing of exactions, he’ll be consider as terrorist organisation. Egypt seems to have a preference for LNA and General Hafter as Libyan counterpart, indeed, last month, Egypt has refused to meet the Seraij, the Libyan President in Tripoli.

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