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Libya: yes to government

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Member of Presidency Council has named new national unity government, assembled by Prime Minister Fayez al Sarraj, four vicepresidents and 19 of 32 ministers. Conversely, the lacking designation of Ministry of Defence to Khalifa Haftar has caused abstention of two Tobruk representatives. Now HoR will have to ratify new government.

The political representatives International welcomed the news, as the UN envoy Martin Kobler: “The formation of the government of national accord is one important leap on the path to peace and stability in Libya.  But now parliament have to endorse the unity government”.

“We are facing a real opportunity to stabilise the country, which must be seized by everyone. Now it is essential for the Chamber of Representatives in Tobruk to hastily approve the list of cabinet members,” Paolo Gentiloni, Italy’s foreign minister, said,

In addition to Prime Minister Fayez al Sarraj and the four vicepresidents representing the whole Libya, here is the list of new ministers:

Marwan Ali, Foreign Affairs;
al Taher Mohamed Sarkaz, Finances;
Khalifa Rajab Abdul Sadeq, Oil;
Mohamed Faraj al Mahjoub, Internation Cooperation;
Bedad Qonso Masoud, Internal Governance;
Mohamed Soliman Bourguiba, Health;
Khair Melad Abu Baker, Education;
Mahmud Gomaa, University;
Abdul Motalib Boufarwa, Economy;
Khaled Muftah Abdul Qader, Economic Development;
Atef al Bahary, Telecommunications;
Hisham Abdullah, Transport;
Faraj al Taher Snoussi, Industry;
Osama Saad Hamad, Electricity;
Adel Mohamed Sultan, Agricolture;
Faddy Mansour al Shafey, Labor;
Mokhtar Abdullah Gouili, Vocational Training;
Ahmed Khalifa Bridan, Community Affairs;
Osama Mohammed Abdul Hady, Water Resources.
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