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Gentiloni met Al Sarraj hoping on a deal to block Libya’s migrant smugglers

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Italian prime minister Paolo Gentiloni met his Libyan counterpart Fayez Al Sarraj in Rome on Monday hoping to win agreement on a deal to block Libya’s migrant smugglers, but how much leverage Mr Al Sarraj has back home is an open question. Italy has reaffirmed its willingness to stop the migrant flux, especially after the rescuing of 3,000 of them last week. Italy and Libya had concluded an agreement to repatriated Libyan’s illegal migrants in counterpart of an financial aid of E200 millions from the EU to implement refugees camps in Libya.

Libya's UN-backed unity government asked for an economical plan an agreement on Libyan's migration

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Interior ministers mainly from the central Mediterranean region met in Rome on Monday to ramp up efforts to curb migration from Libya amid a sharp rise in the number of people trying to cross to Europe. In front of emergency, they had tried to find an agreement on Libyan’s migration, following the model of the very controversial EU-Turkey agreement. Libya’s UN-backed unity government, ask for an economical plan of $860 million to manage the migrant crisis. This concept of stop migrants before they reach international water is controversial, indeed, some case of rape, violences, tortures had been reported from Libya; as denounced by the journal The Guardian last weeks, keeping migrants in Libya could have a more dramatic effect than bring them on European continent.

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