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Army: Reconnaissance enemy planes violate Lebanese Airspace

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An Israeli reconnaissance plane breached the Lebanese airspace on Wednesday at 10:07 above the Southern Lebanese village of Kfarkila and effectuated U-shaped maneuvers over Riyaq, Baalbek and Hermel, a Lebanese Army communiqué said on Wednesday, adding that the enemy aircraft left at 15:14 from abovementioned village. The communiqué added that another Israeli drone violated the Lebanese skies on the same day at 8:00 from above Nakoura village, carried out a circular flight over the south regions and West Bekaa then left from above Kfarkila.

ISF: Sergeant major killed, another injured in Nahr El Mott

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The Sergeant Major Shadi El-Hajj was killed, and another sergeant major was injured during fire exchange with members of 4×4 vehicle theft gang, a communiqué issued by at the General Directorate of the Interior Security Forces (ISF)- the Public Relations Department on Tuesday. The communiqué explained that the Bureau of fighting international theft crimes at the judicial police unit had information that a 4X4 vehicle theft gang launches its operations from Rouwaissat region in Jdeideh before taking the vehicles to a neighborhood in Bekaa region.

Hezballah denounces Damascus explosion, calls to unify efforts to get rid of terrorism gangs

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Hezballah condemned in a statement issued on Saturday “the brutal crime against the innocent persons near Damascus this morning, which killed dozens and injured more than a hundred of visitors to the holy shrines”. The statement called to unify efforts to get rid of those terrorist gangs that are used by International and regional forces to carry out savage projects which aim to crumble the region and kill the resistance spirit in it. The statement concluded by paying condolences to the families of the victims, wishing quick recovery to the injured persons.

Joseph Aoun, Army Commander pledged to boost the military's capabilities to defend Lebanon

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Newly-appointed Army Commander General Joseph Aoun on Thursday pledged to boost the military’s capabilities and to do everything in his capacity so that the army remains “the certain guarantee for Lebanon’s unity, sovereignty, independence and dignity. I will employ all my efforts, expertise and knowledge to continue what you started in terms of boosting the military institution’s capabilities in personnel, equipment, arming and training to maintain its readiness, under any circumstances, to defend Lebanon in the face of its enemies, topped by the Israeli enemy on the southern border and terrorism and its cells on the eastern border and in any region of the country”, Aoun told his predecessor, General Jean Qahwaji, during a handover ceremony in Yarze. Aoun also vowed to “exert utmost efforts and employ all possible means in order to liberate the troops that are being held captive by the terrorist groups (Islamic State)”.

The British navy's "Her Majesty’s Ship OCEAN" further support to the Lebanese army's Rangers Regiment

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Standing 34m high and weighing 22,000 tons, the British navy’s Her Majesty’s Ship OCEAN was an unexpected change to the skyline of Beirut port this weekend. HMS OCEAN Commanding Officer Captain Pedre, British Ambassador Hugo Shorter, and Defense attaché Chris Gunning met Army Commander General Jean Qahwaji and Minister of Defense YaaqoubSarraf. Rear Admiral Burton met with LAF Navy Commander Admiral MajedAlwan.Shorter announced further support to the Lebanese army’s Rangers Regiment of further equipment to help build their ‘off road’ and ‘all-weather’ capabilities. He added that the essence of the UK’s approach is this: “protecting the co-existence at the heart of the Lebanese model requires a strong state”. Addressing his guests, Shorter said: “We are proud of our partnership with your country, through its institutions. And as a demonstration of our strong belief in the importance of Lebanese sovereignty, we have so far invested $100m in the Lebanese Armed Forces and the Internal Security Forces since 2011”. “And I am pleased to announce the delivery of further equipment worth $65,000 for Lebanese Rangers of further equipment to help build their ‘off road’ and ‘all-weather’ capabilities”, he added.

Jean-Yves Le Drian in Beirut, France is going to support Lebanon's military agencies

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French Defense Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian is expected to visit Beirut in the next days, amid reports that France will provide Lebanon with military assistance after Saudi Arabia halted its grant last year. The French minister’s visit affirms that France is going to support Lebanon’s military agencies after Saudi Arabia halted a Lebanese army grant in 2016.France has developed a plan that will be put into implementation the current year. It will see the reinforcement of Lebanon’s security forces to counter terrorism. In February 2016 Saudi Arabia halted a $3 billion program for military supplies to Lebanon in protest against Hizbullah’s policies and diplomatic stances by the Lebanese foreign ministry. The $3 billion program financed military equipment provided by France.

Israeli minister reveals that the Israeli army will soon possess a new robot technology that can assassinate Hizbullah and Hamas leaders

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An Israeli minister said that the Israeli army will soon possess a new robot technology that can assassinate Hizbullah leader Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah and Hamas leaders, an Israeli news report said. Minister without Portfolio Ayoob Kara stated that the new technology “can eliminate the enemies, mainly Hizbullah leader Hassan Nasrallah and Hamas leaders in Gaza”. The report said the robots will be ready in a year or two and will perform “dangerous missions instead of the Israeli army”. “After what happened in Gaza and Lebanon, I don’t want Israeli soldiers to enter anymore”, quoted the Israeli minister “I want our soldiers only at the international border. I can dispatch robots to Gaza in order to fight against them and to eliminate them face to face”. He explained that the new robot technology can enter into the smallest tunnels and can operate at a distance.

Hezbollah has acquired advanced Russian missiles that could change the balance of power in the Middle East

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Hezbollah has acquired about 8 advanced Russian-made strategic naval missiles that could change the balance of power in the Middle East. According to Israeli YediothAhronoth newspaper, western intelligence agencies have expressed “grave concerns” that Hezbollah has acquired Yakhont missiles, also known as Onyx, a Russian supersonic anti-ship cruise weapon that is regarded as the naval equivalent of the antiaircraft S-300. These missiles can be fired from the shore and have a range of up to 300 kilometers. “Even the most advanced missile interception systems are unable to effectively intercept it”, said the reports.

Israeli reports: Hizbullah has been able to obtain strategic naval capabilities that could threaten Israel

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Hizbullah has been able to obtain strategic naval capabilities that could threaten Israel during any upcoming war, Israeli reports have said. It is believed that Hizbullah was able to obtain around eight P-800 Onyx shore-to-sea missiles, also known in export markets as Yakhont, the reports said. The party could use the Onyx missiles to “significantly threaten the Israeli Navy, the US Sixth Fleet and civilian vessels in the Mediterranean, as well as Israel’s newly built oil and gas rigs,” Israeli intelligence officials stated. “The Russian anti-ship Yakhont missile can be fired from the shore and has a range of up to 300 kilometers. Even the most advanced missile interception systems are unable to effectively intercept it”, said the reports.

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