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Israel combats Palestinian hunger strike by blocking cell phone reception.

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The Israel Prison Service and cellular companies blocked reception in the western area of the Negev desert Saturday in an effort to prevent Palestinian security prisoners in the Ktziot and Nafha prisons from coordinating with one another amid an ongoing hunger strike. The strike was declared by the former head of Fatah’s military wing, Marwan Barghouti, currently serving five concurrent life sentences and 40 years in prison for his involvement in the murder of dozens of Israelis during the Second Intifada. Barghouti called the strike in protest against the conditions to which Palestinian prisoners are subjected in Israeli prisons. the Ramat Hanegev Regional Council said that  restricting security prisoners, they hurt all the area’s residents as far as their security and livelihood is concerned, and without any prior notification,” he said.”I immediately spoke with the Public Security Ministry and its head, Minister Gilad Erdan, so that they deal with the issue immediately, before more damage is done. I hope that in the future, the authorities will take the residents, for whom they must provide security as well, into account. After receiving many complaints from farmers, as well as from Doron, the cell companies partially lifted the block. The Communications Ministry released a statement in response to the complaints saying that the ministry director was in contact with his counterpart in the Public Security Ministry to solve the problem.

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