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DRC suspends military cooperation with Belgium

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Kinshasa decided to suspend its military cooperation with Brussels, declared the Belgian Ministry of Defence in Young Africa;  Belgian Minister of Foreign Affairs had criticized Bruno Tshibala’s naming as Prime Minister. Since 1997 the military cooperation between the RDC and the former colonial Nation had not been any more interrupted. This decision cames after a tension between Brussels and Kinshasa: Belgian Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs, Didier Reynders, had criticized in particular the appointment as Prime Minister of Bruno Tshibala, Belgium is worried by the fact that the authorities of transition have not the wide necessary support. “In this context, and because of the strong deterioration of the security situation and the human rights in various parts of the country, Belgium will consult with its international partners concerning the relations with the RDC” had still asserted the Belgian Secretary. Apparently, Kinshasa decided to take the initiative.




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