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60 million cyber attacks targeted Saudi Arabia in one year.

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The director of National Center for Cyber Security in King Abdulaziz City, Dr. Alomair, has declared Saudi Arabia had had 60 million cyber attacks in 2015, and so that means the Kingdom has witnessed about 164,000 attacks a day. During Cyber Security Conference, Dr. Alomair has said about 120 countries have planned to use internet to launch cyber attacks, adding hacker attacking system is getting day after day more complicated.  Also an IT engineer has declared several important industries are helping at developing technology, but the same one neglecting system to protect users.

Saudi Arabia calls for more experts at Yemen human rights office

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As reportde by the Saudi Press Agency (SPA) the Kingdom stressed the need of delegating more experts to the Yemen-based Human Rights Commision’s Office, in order to back up workings of the Indipendent National Committee, which identyfies violations and trespasses committed on the ground. Moreover, during the 34th session of the Human Rights Council, the Saudi Ambassador to the UN in Geneva underlined the Saudi support for the Yemeni government to reach peace and mitigate suffering of the Yemenis. He also renewed the call to the International community to support Yemen’s legitimate government to resume the peace process.

Saudi Arabia, Indonesia sign range of deals at start of King Salman's visit

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On the first day of his visit to Indonesia, King Salman signed a range of cooperation agreements. Among the several pacts King Salman and the Indonesian President Joko Widodo signed an agreement to take down trade barries and another one between state energy companies Saudi Aramco and Pertamina, which is expected to expand Indonesia’s biggest refinery. Moreover as the Saudi Arabia’s ambassador to Indonesia said on Tuesday, the two countries will cooperate to defeat terrorism, as military officers already do training in each other’s countries against Daesh militants. King Salman will also meet religious leaders, make a speech at paliament and visit Southeast Asia’a biggest mosque. The aim of Indonesia during Saudi’s visitt is to attract billions of dollars of investments from the kingdom besides building cultural and religious ties and promoting education.

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