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Montenegro, Albania and Kosovo established Joint Centre for Police Cooperation

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Minister of Interior of Montenegro Mevludin Nuhodžić, Minister of Interior of Albania Dritan Demiraj and Deputy Minister of Interior of Kosovo Valdet Hoxha sined a Protocol for establishing the Joint Centre for Police Cooperation in Plav. This protocol will include exchange of information to fight against crime and make activities more effective at national borders. The Montenegrin minister said that this will help safeguard the stability of the region by fighting against transnational criminal organizations. The Kosovo Minister has also been fully in agreement with what he said, asserting that the protocol itself will make the region safer and will also help to monitor the phenomenon of illegal immigration and human trafficking. German Ambassador to Montenegro Hans Günther congratulated the governments of Montenegro, Albania and Kosovo, saying that Germany will support this kind of acts of cooperation, and so did the US Ambassador to Montenegro Margaret Ann Uyehara.



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