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Amnesty and Human Right Watch raise alarm over Egypt 'extrajudicial killing' video

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New alarm from Human Right Watch against Egypt after videos showing Egyptian militarise killing to armed men in North Sinai Members of the Egyptian military are responsible for at least seven unlawful killings, including shooting a 17-year-old child, according to human rights campaigners. According to Amnesty International, these actions show that Egyptian army isn’t afraid by a hierarchic repression, or sentence in front of the crime, which could explain the multiplication of those cases. Moreover, “These outrageous killings confirm that Egypt’s counterterrorism campaign in the Sinai is out of control”, said Joe Stork, deputy Middle East director at Human Rights Watch. “Egypt’s allies cannot claim ignorance about these deadly abuses”. Publication of the last video was few years after James Mattis meeting with Al-Sissi, on Thursday. Amnesty International urged D.Trump, to take some measures against Egypt, to protect Human Rights in the country.


Trump talks about U.S. military policy

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President elect of the United States, Trump, presented his Defense Secretary Gen. James Mattis, during a rally in Fayetteville. During his speech he reiterated his willingness to withdraw US troops from all fronts, except against ISIS, and invest the money saved to start a modernization program for the country’s infrastructure but also to increase the maximum budget for military spending to make the US Army a formidable weapon to prevent terrorism.

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