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Iran's missile program for deterrence: Spokesman

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Iran would continue its current missile policy which is defensive and for deterrence, Foreign Ministry Spokesman Bahram Qasemi said. Speaking in a press conference, Qasemi noted that Iran has a transparent missile policy and its missile program does not violate any UN resolution. Iran plays an advisory role in Iraq and Syria upon a request from their legal governments, the official said, noting that Islamic Republic aims to help these two countries to expel terrorists and establish peace in the war-torn regions. Elaborating on Iran stance on new US congress bill to increase Iran’s sanctions, he said that the US practical actions and policies are important to Iran and Tehran is ready to counter any US measure. Speaking on Qatar and Kuwait reactions to US President Donald Trump visit to the region, Qasemi said that presence of foreign powers in the region has always disrupted regional security and unity. There was no consensus among countries that took part in the Riyadh summit on the summit declaration, he added. Qasemi noted that Iran has been always in talk with regional states including Kuwait, Qatar and Oman to resolve differences. “Before the Riyadh summit, we cautioned the Arabic-Islamic countries of Israel plot for sewing discord among Islamic countries”, he added. Elsewhere in his remarks, the spokesman hailed huge turnout of Iranians residing abroad in the May 19 presidential election. He said also that Iran is pursuing martyrdom of two of its border guards in the joint border with Turkey.

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