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Sarajevo Business Forum opens under the Motto “One region-one economy”

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Sarajevo Business Forum started yesterday and its one of the biggest economic event: it’s born in 2010 in cooperation with our shareholders Islamic Development Bank, Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank and Dubai Islamic Bank. Mladen Ivanic, Chairman of Presidency of Bosnia and Herzegovina attented the event, saying that politics doesn’t influence economics. In its view, as the matter of facts, the purpose of this kind of manifestation is to create a connection between East and West, but also with the European partner. In this way, the trust relationship that exists between states that trade between them can grow stronger and new forms and cooperation strategies can be created. Undoubtedly, as he pointed out, the presence of influential characters and investors can reinforce the credibility and trust placed in this event. All this is intended to make the economic process a way of communication; for this reason the introductory motto is “One region-one economy”.

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