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Iran respects Turkey’s yes to referendum

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Foreign Ministry Spokesman Bahram Ghasemi has said Iran respects the results of Turkey’s referendum, as it is the decision of the Turkish nation. Ghasemi, who was attending his weekly press conference on Monday, made the remarks announcing Islamic Republic’s stance toward the referendum held in Turkey on Sunday; “it is an domestic issue of Turkey and Iran respects whatever the Turkish people vote for; it is too early to discuss the effects of the act yet we hope it would help peace and stability in the region and Turkey as well”. On trilateral military cooperation between Iran, Russia and Syria, Ghasemi, while underlining that the trilateral cooperation is a normal and longstanding one that also would include military collaborations when needed. “Iran objects any movement threatening territorial integrity of regional states; Iraq is not an exception and its sovereignty is an absolute rule for Islamic Republic; therefore Iran backs coexistence of all ethnic and religious groups within the frames of Iraqi government and its constitution”, the spokesman said while responding to a question of Iraqi Kurdistan. On US and its recent military measures in the region, Ghasemi said “they seem to stem from US’ bewilderment and its domestic issues rather than being a pure military action; they were to do something in Middle East to earn at home and deliver certain messages to their allies in the region; yet they are the ones who will lose at the end”, condemning US attacks on Syria and Afghanistan calling them politically-motivated. “Iran’s stance on recent developments in Syria is clear; we strongly condemned the attacks and called for establishment of a fact-finding committee”, he said adding, “Moscow visit by Foreign Minister Zarif was necessary as consultations were needed between key players of Syrian issue; Turkey also would join the three states in Astana talks scheduled for May”. “Iran would not violate JCPOA and anyone who would preside the country is expected to take the same approach”, the Foreign Ministry spokesman reaffirmed when asked on violations of the deal by other parties.

video showing Turkish policemen beating some Iranian nationals, Iranian Ambassador seriously follow up on the issue

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Iranian Ambassador to Turkey Mohammad EbrahimTaherianFard made assurances that the Islamic Republic’s Foreign Ministry will not allow disrespect for its citizens in neighboring countries and will show proper reaction. TaherianFard reacted to a video footage recently published in social media showing Turkish policemen beating some Iranian nationals in Gürbulak border checkpoint, saying the authenticity of the footage has not been confirmed yet and is under investigation and he added, the Iranian embassy in Turkey will seriously follow up on the issue.

Lieutenant Commander of the Iranian Army: the forces will never be surprised by any aggressor

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Lieutenant Commander of the Iranian Army Brigadier General Ahmad Reza Pourdastan praised the preparedness of the country’s Armed Forces, saying the forces will never be surprised by any aggressor and will make it regret its acts.“Given the preparedness of the Army, the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) and other Armed Forces, they will never be confounded under any circumstances”, he said. He further pointed to recent war games staged by the Islamic Republic and said the main objectives behind them is to warn those who have immature dreams of invading Iran and to create preparedness and test the new defense equipment. In case of any foreign aggression, definitely the aggressor will regret its action, he noted.

Haider al-Abadi authorized the country’s air force to carry out raids against the Islamic State inside Syria

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Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi authorized the country’s air force to carry out raids against the Islamic State inside Syria: “We are determined to chase terrorism that tries to kill our sons and citizens wherever it is found, so we gave orders to the air force command to strike ISIS positions in Hosaiba [an Iraqi town] and Albu Kamal inside Syrian territory, as they were responsible for recent bombings in Baghdad,” he have said. “The heroes of the sky executed the operation and responded to the terrorists with amazing success”, he added.

Iranian cleric reiterated Tehran’s unwavering policy to back the Palestinian people against the Zionist regime of Israel

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Addressing a huge gathering of worshippers here in Tehran on Friday the senior Iranian cleric reiterated Tehran’s unwavering policy to back the Palestinian people against the Zionist regime of Israel, saying the issue of Palestine is the Islamic Republic’s first priority.“…We cannot just overlook it (the Palestinian issue) and the world should know that Palestine is the top priority for the Islamic Republic of Iran”, the cleric stated. The issue of Palestine is closely related to Islam, which says the domination of the unbelievers over Muslims is prohibited.
In another speech, Imam Khamenei said the third Palestinian intifada (uprising) will begin a very important chapter in the history of the Palestinian nation’s fighting and will inflict another defeat on the Zionist regime of Israel.

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